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This was the passage of Plásticos Lezo through the XIV edition of Meetind – Meetings of European buyers of Industrial Subcontracting

We look back on the participation of Plásticos Lezo in the fourteenth edition of Meetind – XIV Meetings of European Buyers, which took place on March 29, 2023.

In this meeting, representatives of four countries met: Serbia, the United Kingdom and Austria. The convergence of these different nationalities underlines the expansion and global reach of Plásticos Lezo in the market. During the meeting, key aspects of collaboration were addressed and valuable perspectives were shared, thereby strengthening business relationships and laying the groundwork for future opportunities for joint growth.

In the course of this note, we will reflect on the highlights and significant connections that emerged during our participation in this highly relevant gathering:

We had the honor of being part of an enriching space where professionals, companies and visionaries converged to explore new business opportunities and establish strategic links. This experience allowed us to immerse ourselves in a collaborative and dynamic environment, fostering the exchange of knowledge and the construction of key relationships in the European business environment.

What is Meetid about?

The Chamber of Gipuzkoa, in collaboration with the other Spanish Chambers through its SUBCONTEX service, organized the fourteenth edition of Meetind – XIV Meetings of European Buyers of Industrial Subcontracting – an event that has become over the years one of the main events in the subcontracting industry and the meeting point between the subcontractor offer and international demand.

In this edition, SUBCONTEX achieved the participation of 27 buyers from European companies with a projection of more than 250 individual meetings in which buyers presented their manufacturing projects and subcontracting companies their manufacturing capabilities and solutions.

Meetind allows industrial subcontracting companies to request interviews with buyers who require their manufacturing solutions and, after the buyer’s approval, the meeting agenda is drawn up, making Meetind an effective means of generating contacts with the highest probability of success.

What were the profiles of the companies participating in the event?

They were meetings aimed at industrial subcontracting companies and more specifically at companies specialized in the manufacture of parts and assemblies through manufacturing processes such as casting, transformation with/without chip removal, (forging, boilermaking, machining, stamping, laser cutting, forming tube, etc.), electricity and electronics, transformation of plastic, rubber, composites and additive manufacturing

The participating purchasing companies belong to different sectors such as Construction, Energy, Manufacturers of different capital goods (lifting machinery, machine tools, paper, construction, steel industry), automotive, rail, agro-industries and aeronautics.

In short, it was an honor to have been part of the fourteenth edition of Meetind – XIV Meetings of European Buyers. The opportunity to interact with industry leaders, share innovative ideas and network with colleagues committed to business excellence was truly empowering. As we reflect on the precious moments of this event, we also look forward with enthusiasm, looking forward to participating in future editions to continue contributing to growth and collaboration within the European business community.

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