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Magnia Group hace una visita estratégica a Aragón Exterior (AREX)

Magnia Group meets with Aragón Exterior

In a recent strategic meeting, representatives of Magnia Group held a key meeting with Aragón Exterior, a government organization committed to attracting foreign investment and the internationalization of Aragonese companies. The dialogue table was chaired by the Director of Internationalization, Antonio Oro, and the sector manager, Idoya Vidondo.

aragón exterior


During the meeting, the solid position of Magnia Group in the international arena was highlighted, with special emphasis on the contribution of Celulosa Gallur, the group’s Zaragoza facility. The detailed presentation of Magnia Group and the presentation of Celulosa Gallur’s international projection captured the attention and interest of Aragón Exterior.


Celulosa Gallur’s success story and global presence generated a fruitful dialogue about possible collaborations. Aragón Exterior expressed its commitment to supporting the company’s international growth, offering not only long-term strategic support, but also tactical initiatives for the short and medium term.


This strategic partnership promises to open new opportunities for Magnia Group, especially for Celulosa Gallur, on the international stage. Aragón Exterior’s experience and network of contacts are emerging as valuable resources to drive the group’s global expansion.


Magnia Group will continue to advance on the international scene supported by the collaboration with Aragón Exterior. We will continue our journey towards new frontiers and business opportunities as this promising alliance brings with it an expanded and exciting horizon for the group and its affiliated companies.

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