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Visita del equipo de Magnia Group a la feria Agri Technica, en Hanover, Alemania

Magnia Group discovers agricultural trends at Agritechnica 2023

A few days ago, the Magnia Group team traveled to Hannover to learn more about the latest innovations in the world of agricultural machinery at the Agritechnica 2023 fair, which took place between November 12 and 18. This impressive event, which spanned more than 20 pavilions, highlighted the latest trends and advances in the agricultural field, becoming a spectacular showcase for the vehicles and technologies that are transforming modern agriculture.


Agritechnica is not only a fair, but a unique experience that covers almost all aspects of the agricultural world. From imposing agricultural vehicles to cutting-edge crop management technologies, the show offered a comprehensive view of innovation in agriculture.


Magnia Group took the opportunity to connect with various Spanish companies, including Doga and Ventura from Catalonia, Serrat from Aragón and TMC Cancela from Galicia. These interactions not only strengthened Magnia Group’s network of relationships, but also provided valuable insight into the specific needs and trends of the Spanish market in the agricultural sector.


The presence of Magnia Group in Agritechnica was not limited to exploration, but also opened new business perspectives. The experience gained at the fair revealed significant opportunities in the agricultural vehicle segment and in agricultural crop processing facilities. In this context, Teklan’s experience and capabilities in sheet metal assembly manufacturing stand out as a valuable contribution to the industry.


In addition, the fair evidenced the crucial presence of plastic components in the agricultural industry. From irrigation systems to navigation and control technologies, plastic components play an essential role in modern agricultural machinery. Magnia Group, through its plastic parts injection processes, positions itself as a reliable supplier of subcomponents for technology companies and agricultural machinery manufacturers.


Agritechnica 2023 has come to an end but preparations are already underway for the next edition to be held in 2025. All the details in the official link of the fair: Agritechnica.


At Magnia Group, we remain committed to innovation and exploring opportunities that drive progress in various industries.

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