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Innovation in Plásticos Lezo: Development of Access Control Solutions Based on Facial Recognition

At Plásticos Lezo we continue to advance in the constant search for innovation and excellence in the manufacture of high-quality plastic components. As prominent leaders in the plastic injection industry, we have been working for years in the world of access control, specifically in the search for new plastic solutions that help our clients develop new technologies such as facial recognition.

Security and Convenience Come Together: Facial Recognition

Plásticos Lezo is at the forefront of innovation in plastic component solutions for access control that use facial recognition as the primary authentication method. This technological advancement represents a significant change in the way we ensure safety and accessibility in a wide variety of environments, from large commercial facilities to private residences.

Thanks to facial recognition, users enjoy faster and easier access, significantly improving their overall experience.

We have developed different plastic component solutions for the access control sector, card reader components, access buttons, keyboards, access controllers, card reader covers and supports, access control boxes, as well as assembly and support used in access control systems.

Our experience and deep knowledge in plastic injection are the fundamental pillars of this innovation. We understand that part quality and durability play a crucial role in ensuring long-term, reliable operation of any security system. Therefore, we are pleased to apply our rigorous standards of excellence in manufacturing essential components for this visionary solution.


Plastic Products created by Injection

At Plásticos Lezo we specialize in the manufacture of plastic products through injection, welding, assembly, pad printing and screen printing techniques. Our mission is to provide customized solutions and high-quality end parts to meet the specific needs of your industry. What can we contribute?

  • We work with a wide range of plastic materials to create bespoke solutions to suit your particular requirements.
  • We offer customized solutions to address your industry needs, whether for high-volume products or detailed, detailed parts.
  • We design and develop custom products that meet your specifications, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
  • We put at your disposal welding, assembly processes and pad printing and screen printing techniques.
  • We carry out extensive testing and validation to ensure that our products meet your requirements and established quality standards.
  • We back all our products with a quality guarantee, ensuring a satisfactory experience with our services.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At Plásticos Lezo, our commitment to the highest quality and innovation has no limits. We continue to work tirelessly on the development of these innovative solutions, maintaining our quality standards without compromise and focusing on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We will be sharing new updates on this exciting project and other advances that will keep us firmly at the forefront of the security and access control industry.

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