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Visita de Magnia Group a la Feria C&R 2023 en Ifema, Madrid

Exploring innovation in HVAC and Refrigeration at the C&R 2023 Fair

The Magnia Group team recently attended one of the most notable meetings in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector: the C&R 2023 Fair. Held from November 14 to 17 at the impressive Ifema fairgrounds in Madrid, this annual event brings together the leaders and experts in the industrial and commercial air conditioning, heating, ventilation and cooling industry, offering a comprehensive vision of the most recent innovations.

The presence of Magnia Group at the fair not only underlines our commitment to excellence in the industrial field, but also highlights the importance of the solutions we offer to a sector in constant evolution. During the visit, we were able to chat with exhibitors and other visitors, introducing our sheet metal structures manufactured in Teklan, recognized for their ability to meet the most demanding standards in the industry.

At Teklan, we are proud to highlight our capabilities to offer customized solutions in a wide range of materials and thicknesses. In addition to the manufacture of high-quality sheet metal structures, we also stand out for the ability to incorporate additional operations, such as the assembly of subassemblies and lacquered coatings, to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Within the umbrella of Magnia Group, for Plasticos de Lezo, our company specialized in the injection of technical plastic parts, we also detected some opportunities. In a sector where measurement and control technology plays a crucial role, Plásticas de Lezo is positioned as a strategic partner for companies dedicated to the manufacture of essential plastic components for flue gas meters, control drives, pressure gauges, analyzers , thermal imaging cameras, thermostats and a wide variety of accessories.

The C&R 2023 Fair was not only an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders and understand emerging trends. To learn more about the fair and explore the key areas we address, we encourage you to visit the official C&R 2023 Fair website.


At Magnia Group and its affiliated companies, we remain committed to excellence and adaptability in a world that demands innovative solutions in HVAC and refrigeration.

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