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Busworld 2023: connecting with the future of sustainable mobility

On the stage of the Busworld fair in Brussels, Magnia Group immersed itself in the comprehensive vision of the world of intercity buses and coaches. This emblematic event not only celebrates the presence of vehicles, but also encompasses the entire ecosystem that surrounds these transport protagonists, from their production to accessories, and from aspects of public transport to that of great bus trips.


The Busworld fair is a beacon of sustainable mobility, where progress and innovation, both technologically and ecologically, play crucial roles. In this year’s edition, which took place on October 11, Magnia Group stood out as a key participant with the aim of expanding our customer network in the road transport sector.


We explore the solutions we can offer both bus manufacturing companies and component manufacturers looking for sheet metal or injected plastic metal subassemblies. These technologies are fundamental in the manufacturing of buses and constitute the core of the capabilities of two of our main companies located in the Basque Country.


Teklan: Innovation in Sheet Metal Cutting and Forming

Teklan, as a leader in sheet metal cutting and forming, displayed its capabilities at this show, highlighting how it can offer advanced solutions to manufacturing challenges in the bus industry.


Plasticos de Lezo: Specialists in Injection of Plastic Components

Plasticos de Lezo’s experience in the injection of plastic components was presented as a comprehensive option for bus manufacturers seeking quality, precision and efficiency in each plastic component.


Magnia Group’s participation in Busworld 2023 was not only a showcase of our capabilities, but also a declaration of commitment to the future of sustainable mobility. We are ready to collaborate with key players in the industry, driving innovation and moving towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation future.

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